Spend time on your business. Not on your books.

Every hour you spend on your books is an hour you’re not spending on your business. The result is a waste of time, money and energy. That’s why Sharp Bookkeeping Service is the ideal outsourcing solution for all your accounting, bookkeeping & payroll needs.

With Sharp Bookkeeping Service handling your books, you’ll benefit from:

  • Comprehensive economic expertise
  • A financial program specifically customized for you
  • Dramatically lower costs
  • More productive use of your time
  • More energy to grow your business
  • Personalized service
  • Detailed financial reports
  • Actionable business data
  • Streamlined workflow
  • More secure data
  • Ideas for business growth
  • Ideas for slashing expenses

Let Sharp Bookkeeping Service take care of your accounting, bookkeeping and payroll. That way, you can take care of your customers. Call 732-458-3800 and GET STARTED.

Focus On Sales, Not Details.

You didn’t go into business for yourself to spend all your money and time keeping up with your finances. But 9 times out of 10, that’s what ends up happening. Dawn Contardi and the team at Sharp Bookkeeping Service will make sure that doesn’t happen to you. As a Professional Accounting, Bookkeeping, Payroll and Tax Preparation firm, we can take care of the entire financial side of your business—AT A FRACTION OF WHAT YOU’RE CURRENLTY PAYING…WITH BETTER RESULTS.

Sharp Bookkeeping Service gives you ACTIONABLE NUMBERS so you can make SMARTER BUSINESS DECISONS…at an AFFORDABLE PRICE.

Bookkeeping ServicesFREE pick up and delivery

Payroll ServicesFREE delivery

Focus on Boosting Your Profits, Not Your Overhead.

When it comes to accounting, bookkeeping and payroll, there are 3 BIG MISTAKES small businesses often make:

  • They waste time trying to do it all themselves. You could spend all day on something that takes us just a few minutes. That takes you away from your customers and growing your business. Don’t make that mistake. We have the team, the technology and the expertise to handle all your financial needs with ease.
  • They overpay the CPA. It happens all the time. You end up paying a Certified Public Accountant as much as $250 an hour for basic bookkeeping jobs like data entry. And to make matters worse, they often end up making your tax liability higher than it needs to be! At Sharp Bookkeeping Service, you’ll never pay CPA prices for the basics. Your account team will focus on solving your problems in a cost-effective, efficient manner. The end result: DRAMATICALLY REDUCED COSTS.
  • They hire full time staff for part time work. Most small businesses don’t need full time bookkeepers. Yet they hire them anyway. By the time you pay their salary, benefits and other costs, it really adds up…and subtracts from your bottom line. With SBS, that’s not going to happen. You’ll only pay for what your business needs. Nothing more. IN FACT, PRICES START AS LOW AS $50.00 PER MONTH AND WITH PRICES THIS LOW YOU CAN DRAMATICALLY CUT COSTS by outsourcing. No more locked-in overhead.

Sharp Bookkeeping Service gives you fast, accurate, complete bookkeeping and financial information. Our team will work with you to tailor a service plan that fits your needs, your budget and your business. No more overpaying, over staffing or overworking yourself.

Focus on Your Clients, Not Compliance.

Accounting Services

Tax and Consulting Services

Our affiliate, Sharp Tax and Accounting, provides expert tax advice, IRS and State Representation, tax compliance, tax planning and tax return preparation for businesses and individuals.

Led by John Fiorentino, JR, EA, a federally licensed tax practitioner, Sharp Tax and Accounting will make sure your business is not overpaying on your State and Federal returns.

You’ll get expert tax advising, planning, compliance, and tax return preparation. Whether you’re an individual, partnership (LLC), corporation, estate, trust or any other entity, Sharp Tax & Accounting will take the burden off you, so you can focus on helping your clients and growing your business.

Cut Costs, Not Corners.

Sharp provides every client with their own personalized account team. We use the latest Quickbooks technology which enables us to provide you with a 360 degree picture of your business. Simply put, we’ll show you what works, what’s not working, and how you can eliminate waste and concentrate on your most important profit centers.


Get started today. Call 732-458-3800 for a FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE. Start profiting from the knowledge, experience and business smarts of Sharp.

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