Bookkeeping Frequently Asked Questions

What is outsourcing?
The contracting, sub-contracting or externalizing of non-core activities to FREE up cash, personnel, time, and facilities for activities where the firm holds a competitive advantage. Outsourcing allows for companies to concentrate on higher end services and what they do best thus reducing the average unit cost. – (2009)


How does outsourced bookkeeping and payroll work?
Day to day bookkeeping and payroll preparation is an administrative task that doesn’t help your business to grow. Rather than doing your own bookkeeping and payroll processing or maintain an internal costly accounting department, I will take the responsibility for getting your bookkeeping done faster, more accurately and cheaper then you will ever experience. I will help you to build a great business by delivering on two promises:

  1. I will manage you bookkeeping for you and take away your bookkeeping headaches forever!
  2. I will accurately record all of your transactions and provide you with a “score card” report of sales, profits and cash on hand in a timely manner.

Best of all this can be done for about half of what a bookkeeper costs an employer!
By providing accurate bookkeeping, I will help you focus on what works in your company. In every small business 20% of what you do generates 80% of the net profits. We all know the 80/20 Pareto principle-but almost none of us have actually implemented it in our business. I will help you get it done as part of our Outsourced Bookkeeping Service.

Stop Doing Bookkeeping In Your Business

  • Cut cost-I can do your books for half the cost of doing it in house.
  • Obtain quality numbers on which to base decisions
  • Eliminate employee drama and management headaches
  • Spend your time and money on sales NOT details
  • You will get in depth analysis on what’s working and where to pull back
  • I will keep you focused on more of what works-like a CFO
  • Gain 100% control of your business all the time
  • Turn your business into a Cash Cow by using good accurate daily numbers to make informed decisions
  • I guide my clients toward increasing net profits and cash flow

How Much Does it Cost To Outsource your Bookkeeping and Payroll?

Outsourcing is cheaper than hiring an employee because:

  • Save time spent managing the bookkeeper
  • Save health insurance, pension or other benefits
  • Save employee liability or other legal problems
  • Save office space needed (convert that desk to a sales position)
  • Save money on phone lines, computers, software or other overhead costs
  • Save hiring and training costs, no replacements during vacation
  • Save wasted time on non-revenue generating activities
  • Save expensive CPA charges to fix errors
  • Eliminate employee drama and management headaches.
  • Save money on vacations, holidays or sick days
  • Save money on matching social security payments, unemployment insurance or disability insurance

The bottom line is this…I can do your books for half the cost of
doing it in house!

An employee that you pay $15.00 an hour carries a burden rate of $32-36 dollars an hour, when you include the overhead allocation. It is far cheaper to Outsource. You will not eliminate all overhead, but you will wisely reallocate the burden of bookkeeping cost to revenue generating efforts. It is impossible to answer the cost question down the exact dollar on a website but the fee is around half of what you’re in house Bookkeeper is costing you and you will have a lot less headaches.

Can you prepare my taxes?
Sharp Bookkeeping Service can prepare and file your payroll taxes and sales tax. Our affiliate, Sharp Tax and Accounting, led by John M. Florentino Jr.,E.A. a federally licensed tax practitioner, focuses on advising, representing, tax planning, tax compliance and tax return preparation for individuals, partnerships (LLC’s), corporations, estates, trusts and any entities with tax reporting requirements.

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit cards.

What are your payment terms?
Invoices are presented monthly and payable upon receipt.

How do I get my information to your office?
I do FREE pickup and delivery. My office is conveniently located in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. I can send and receive information via the internet, fax, US mail, FedEx, UPS and of course drop off.

What are your office hours?
My normal business hours are Monday thru Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00PM

I am having trouble with QuickBooks but I may want to continue doing some of the bookkeeping functions myself. Can you help me?
As a bookkeeping and QuickBooks expert I will be glad to assist you in an ongoing basis with whatever your needs are.

What is the best way to get started?
I offer a FREE initial consultation to determine what your needs are.

Can you help me accurately track expenses and manage cash flow?
Not only will you be able to track expenses and manage cash flow, but the hundreds of other reports that are available through the QuickBooks program will enable you to effectively and accurately manage your business.

What is a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor and what do they provide?
Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors are QuickBooks experts who work with small and medium sized businesses and professionals. I have completed a comprehensive QuickBooks training course and exam in order to become certified and can get you started on the right foot, aiding in set-up and troubleshooting…even helping you move whatever your current accounting method is to Quickbooks.

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